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Advanced Search list for Companies based on selected criteria

BobtheInvestor 3 years ago updated by The Guru 3 years ago 1

First of all well done for your project. It looks very promising. (When do you guys list on the ASX? :D ). Anyhow I was wondering is if this is too much of a big ask, to have a searching engine to list stock based on very specific criteria, Market Cap, ROE, Debt Ratio, Beta, Net income, CAPEX, EBTDIA, DPS, EPS, etc etc etc you get my meaning, and have a list of stock displayed out that you can further refine/research.


Under review


Thanks for the great feedback. We're happy to know that you like the site.

Stock screening capabilities is a feature that is in our pipeline but won't be in the next major update of the site as we are focussing on the terminal page features such as improving the watchlist view. We have no definite timeline for adding a more comprehensive search but your interest will affect our prioritisation of this feature.

Please let us know if you have any questions or other feedback to share!


The Guru.