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Nothing short of terrible

Japhy Goldman 3 years ago updated by The Guru 3 years ago 3

terrible interface for searching stock info, Built by designers for PInterest,not for traders. Cant even find common symbols, little info given.All show and no go


Dear Japhy,

I can't see the point of posting such a comment. If you do not like it, move on!

I am sure you can find a site that suits you.

As a happy subscriber I have followed the sites evolution over a while and am very pleased with the information provided.

Keep up the good work INDX.guru



the point is if they want to know how to improve it they will ask. Glad you are enjoying yor pretty graphics

Under review

Hi Japhy,

Clint here, I'm the product manager at INDX.guru.

Thanks for your feedback, I like hearing the critical feedback, as we are always trying to improve the site.

First off, If you're looking for American stocks? We currently do not have america data. This might be why you are having problems. We are currently only listing stocks from the ASX, but we do plan to list American stocks soon.

Can I ask what information you are looking for when you say little info? Please tell me what exactly you are looking for and I will either build it in, or point you in the right direction for where it is.

Thanks for the feedback,