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Robin Parkinson-Bates 4 years ago updated by The Guru 4 years ago 2

Dear Guru,

Still loving the site and getting a lot of use from it.

At present, on the overview page, the standard chart setting is for a three month period.

I appreciate that this can be changed to whatever period I like.

However each user may have a preference for a particular period (one month/one year etc!). Would it be possible, at a later date, for each user to be able to enter their individual preference for their own chart setting period?

Keep up the good work and again many thanks for letting us use it.




Hi Robin,

Thanks for the feedback and the great idea for Indx.Guru!

Chart settings is a feature that we will be including for our next major update of the website. The current tentative schedule for this update is mid February. We are currently planning to include in it:

- A default time period setting that can be selected from the six preset options above the graph

- An option to switch between line and candlestick-style

- Custom Simple Moving Average lines

Also note that you can set any custom period on the graph by dragging the indicators on the smaller line chart below the main price graph.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this or further useful suggestions.


The Guru.


Hi Robin,

This features has now been added to the site. Please let us know if you have any issues using the new Interface Settings page or have any questions about the graphs.


The Guru.