Doesn't it support NASDAQ??

Ankit Baphna 4 years ago updated by neilm1963 3 years ago 13

Why it does not support NASDAQ and NYSE..I searched for AAPL and nothing came up.


Hi Ankit,

Thank you for your enquiry.

At the moment it's ASX only, however, we're working on NASDAQ and NYSE as we speak, and plan to roll this out in the coming weeks.

Thanks once again for being an INDX.guru early adopter!


Got it. Thanks for the super quick response. Hope to see those indices soon and best of luck.

hi, is there a new time tables to add the US indices? Love the features of the site. Thanks

Hi Phil,

We are just finishing off some new features to the site & for the Australian index, then we will focus on integrating US data.

Bare with us, we want to get the US going just as much you. Just a few more steps we need to complete before we can make it a reality.




This is a nice platform. Kind of pointless though without American stock market support.

I would have to agree to an extent. It's beautiful and I love the functionality. I was so disappointed I could not start using it full force due to the absence of US representation.

Also - a back button that returned you to your last action (or through a set of actions) would be so awesome.

Keep up the great work, I'm sure we will hear good things in the months to come.


Hi All,

Not sure if anyone seen the email we sent out last week? but, are now working on the U.S version and hopefully have INDX.GURU working with American companies.

Thank you all for your support. Will have more updates coming coon.




Hi Guru, any update to the NYSE and NASDAQ timeline?

Would love to see American stock exchange data here. Thanks!


Hi Casey & ATL,

We are working on it now and currently doing some testing on the process internally.

Will be live very soon :)

You will be the first to know.




Where can I sign up for this email to be notified about the update including the American exchanges?


Hi Johnny,

We will notify our existing users (who have not unsubscribed from emails) when we are looking for alpha testers. This will be a small number-restricted group that we will test the US markets with prior to an open beta.

For anyone who does not want to register for the current Australian offering, there is also a signup on the bottom our landing page at https://indx.guru/#/landing/

Please let me know when you cover teh US markets.