Master G 2 years ago updated by Luca Monk 2 years ago 1

Last week, (2/26/2018 specifically,) PCLN (priceline.com) converted to a new ticker BKNG (bookings.com). 

I have not found anyplace that has a completed 10 year+ history on the company. 

Like your site, the YTD and all other history is limited to starting at 2/26/2018 to the current day. 

Unlike some other sites, indx.guru no longer has PCLN data available. 

PCLN historical data must be concatenated with BKNG data to create a single succinct history.

This would be an edge only you would have. 

Hi Master G, 

Thanks for the feedback & continued support. We have built a fix for this problem and is now deployed to production. 

You can check it out here: https://us.indx.guru/#/company/NSDQ/BKNG/overview



Product Manager