I don't have access to all publicly traded companies

Kenneth Taylor 4 years ago updated by The Guru 4 years ago 4
- is that by design?
Under review
Hi Kenneth,

Indx.Guru currently holds data for all ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) publicly listed companies and selected Exchange Traded Products. We currently do not support:
  • Secondary issues, derivative markets and Exchange Traded Products with security codes of longer than 3 characters
  • Other international markets, although do note that we are currently working on including NASDAQ and NYSE and will let all users know once we roll those out.
If there is a publicly listed Australian security that you cannot find within Indx.Guru, please let us know and we will look into it for you.

I'm not Kenneth.

AGL (AGL ENERGY LIMITED) is missing that I know of...haven't done a comprehensive search.

Thanks Andrew,

Yes, we're looking into that issue, and thank you for letting us know.

Much appreciated!


Hi Andrew,

AGL is there now and we are working with our data provider to ensure we include all missing companies.

Thanks for your patience!